Blast Resistant Buildings: Where Safety and Service Unite


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Blast Resistant Buildings: Where Safety and Service Unite


Publication: BIC Magazine

Asailor, world traveler and cycling enthusiast are just a few of the traits that describe Gert Lessing, president of Hallwood Modular Buildings (HMB). In a professional sense, not only is he responsible for the operations of HMB, but he also serves as president of Hallwood Financial Ltd. and holds other senior positions within the Hallwood family of companies. HMB provides protective building systems and related services that help protect personnel and critical equipment. HMB understands the needs of its customers to have quick access to cost-effective, portable solutions for temporary and permanent applications. 

HMB has developed a fleet of these standardized modular buildings that are available and offers competitive rates and flexible leasing packages for short- or long-term turnaround and maintenance projects. When asked about recent developments at HMB, Lessing talked about how HMB is now offering 3-foot by 7-foot blast-resistant doors. The doors can be sold with or without a blast resistant window. 

The doors are constructed with a lightweight design that maintains an 8 psi, 200 millisecond blast rating. The lightweight design reduces maintenance requirements and is corrosion resistant. HMB is really excited about its customers learning more about the innovative door design and replacement possibilities. 

The company also has new design options for blast resistant buildings for lease and sale. HMB has designed guard shacks, as well as modules that are expandable and stackable. These buildings can expand from a single 12-foot by 40-foot module to a 96-foot by 40-foot complex. These buildings have been designed to provide a multitude of configurations and appeal to those with limited real estate. “With these new standard options, we have something readily available to meet all of our customers’ demands,” Lessing remarked.

HMB’s new products and options aim to focus on one of its ongoing objectives: diversification. HMB has successfully created a variety of blast-resistant products and designs to be used in a multitude of settings. Having served such diverse markets has allowed the company to equip itself to reach levels that otherwise could not be obtained. “Our relationships across differentiated markets have proven our ability to find the best solutions possible for each customer,” said Lessing.

HMB primarily serves the petrochemical and refinery industries, and expects to see growth and continued business in these areas. The company is willing to look into a solution for any request, from tornado shelters to doomsday preppers. Lessing stated he takes sincere pride in HMB’s work, and each employee understands the importance of producing a high-quality product and is committed to the total satisfaction and safety of their customers. 

Born and raised in South Africa, Lessing now resides in Dallas with his wife and An example of a wide open duplex above two single 12-foot by 40-foot buildings. daughter, where he has a long list of roles and responsibilities that include: management of Hallwood’s banking relationships, new business development, financial management and reporting, strategic and investment planning, corporate restructuring and crisis management. When summing up the business philosophy behind HMB’s success, Lessing concluded, “You have to get comfortable being uncomfortable.” For more information, visit www. or call (337) 393-2575 •


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