Blast Resistant Shelters

It is no sort of a challenge to keep your workforce safe and secure on unsafe worksites while still reaching the production goals. To ensure the protection of your workforce, it is now essential to have blast-resistant shelters.

We, at Hallwood Modular are leading blast-resistant shelter manufacturers, offering a substantial range of cost-efficient and fully flexible blast-resistant shelters. Blast-resistant shelters for buildings strengthen the safety of people within hazardous surroundings. In addition, these shelters will provide a secure zone to employees and machinery in the environment with the risk of explosion.

Our blast-resistant shelters fulfill precise personal safety standards.

An immensely specialized blast-resistant shelter construction from Hallwood Modular can safeguard your workforce and render a better value than conventional options such as modular containers.

Our blast-resistant shelters for buildings are engineered with optimum measures of safety and security to provide the highest cover in blast zone surroundings. We are a qualified blast-resistant shelter manufacturer for oil/ chemical plants and refineries.

Our blast-resistant shelter constructions pass through rigorous testing.

Even during the most lethal circumstances, blast-resistant shelters, while testing, proven the ability to remain secure and reduce injuries.

•These blast-resistant shelters deflected the force of shockwaves UP rather than forcing them horizontally. This kept the waves away from the people and objects and safeguarded them.

•Blast resistant shelter for commercial projects offered strong protection from debris.

•Shockwaves were reduced to less-lethal compression waves. As a result, there was no secondary reflection wave created inside the blast-resistant shelter building.

Our (company name) build highly durable, cost-friendly, and quickly transportable blast-resistant shelter construction.

Our Blast Resistant Shelter Construction can reduce the quantity and danger from the debris of broken glasses and walls and minimize the possibility of a gradual collapse.

Disastrous explosions happen in industrial workplaces frequently that threaten the lives of working personnel, triggering heavy damage to human life and detrimental impact on financial belongings. We aim to offer the industries safer blast-resistant shelter constructions. It’s demanding to eradicate these hazards, but we provide safer blast-resistant shelters for buildings with more preventive facilities for workers.

With decades of experience in blast-resistant shelter designing, our (company name) delivers a persistent, fast, portable, and cost-friendly solution for commercial sites. Compared to most common shelters in the market, blast-resistant shelters from (company name) have undergone severe testing to ensure solid protection to human resources and equipment.


Advantages of our blast-resistant shelter construction

● Robust Resistance

Our blast-resistant shelter for buildings can withstand earthquakes, hurricane resistance, heavy snow load, and high-speed wind.

● Temperature Regulation

Our blast-resistant shelters for commercials are configured with heaters and air conditioning to sustain a relaxed environment in severe conditions.

● Hearing and Visual Isolation

Exclusively created acoustic barriers and insulation solutions to minimize the noise of explosions and dazzling lights and lessening hearing damage to workers.

● Reduce Explosion Injuries

Blast-resistant shelter construction with firm sidewalls is strong enough to minimize the damage caused by speedy debris.

● Simple Set-Up and Transportation

It can be easily transportable and readily installed on any ground surface.

● Personalizable

Custom-tailored solutions can be made on sizes, and supplementary shelter supports following project demands and location conditions.

● Reduce Secondary Damage

Even undergoing shock waves and ground slosh, our blast-resistant shelters can stand still and offer strong resistance.

● Better ROI

Compared to conventional blast building structures that require a great deal of time and a large workforce for construction, blast-resistant shelter constructions are much more cost-efficient and time-saving.

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Peace of Mind that Saves you Money!

Turnaround Planners and Managers have attempted to drive efficiencies through operating workforces off-site, which are later proven to be less efficient, riskier for personnel, and caused costly delays in the project.


Let us share how we can provide safety and peace of mind while helping bring your project in under budget.