Custom Protective Buildings


Custom Protective BUILDINGS

Hallwood Modular is a strong proponent of Design-Build contracts for Custom Protective Buildings. A Design-Build project is where the owner manages only one contract with a single point of responsibility.

Having produced hundreds of pre-engineered designs and being a part of a project initially, Hallwood Modular can provide project recommendations that fit the owner’s specifications, schedule, and budget. This single-source responsibility fosters a culture of collaborative problem-solving, minimizes conflicts, and shortens project schedules.


Yes. Hallwood Modular can design around the entire “Spectrum-of-Safety” from general-purpose Blast Resistance Buildings to full-scale Safe Haven’s that protect against toxic chemical releases. We also have designed buildings that protect against thermal, ballistics, forced entry, and even enable RFI (Radio Frequency interface) and EMI (electromagnetic interference) filtering.


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Peace of Mind that Saves you Money!

Turnaround Planners and Managers have attempted to drive efficiencies through operating workforces off-site, which are later proven to be less efficient, riskier for personnel, and caused costly delays in the project.


Let us share how we can provide safety and peace of mind while helping bring your project in under budget.