Yes. We have not only subjected buildings to live tests for blasts, it has also tested buildings on Projectiles, Ballistics/Fragmentation and Forced Entry.

It is very important that each of these criterions be defined when specifying out your blast resistant building. PSI alone is not what causes the damage to a building, the time lapse of the event has an intense impact on the damage that will be caused. The damage response criteria, in accordance with the ASCE guidelines, will determine the condition and function of the building after the specified event. Refer to our Blast/Explosion page for more details.

Hallwood Modular Buildings is a “one stop shop.” Hallwood Modular Buildings can provide full turn key installations, site supervision services, and repair and maintenance contracts on either a project or plant level basis. 

Hallwood Modular Buildings offers both non-ADA and ADA compliant buildings. The determining factors of which should be used are code requirements and/or customer specifications.

There are many benefits to Hallwood Modulars blast resistant building design. One of the benefits is cost. A typical Hallwood Modular blast resistant building is comparative to the cost of a NON blast resistant traditional construction building. Some of the other major benefits to Hallwood Modulars modular designs include: quicker delivery schedules, portability, flexibility through a patent pending mechanical connection system. It also limits onsite labor and safety issues by utilizing an offsite controlled environment for construction.

The weight of our buildings varies from project to project, depending upon the size of the building and the level of interior finishing. To give you an idea, our standard 12×40 modules weigh 37,000lbs

Hallwood Modular Buildings has the capability of transporting buildings by truck, train, or water, however, for domestic applications; the most common transportation method is by truck.


Peace of Mind that Saves you Money!

Turnaround Planners and Managers have attempted to drive efficiencies through operating workforces off-site, which are later proven to be less efficient, riskier for personnel, and caused costly delays in the project.


Let us share how we can provide safety and peace of mind while helping bring your project in under budget.