Hallwood Modular Announces Distribution Agreement with Heald Ltd.


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Hallwood Modular Announces Distribution Agreement with Heald Ltd.


Dallas, Texas, December 12, 2018  —  Hallwood Modular Buildings, LLC (“HMB”) today announced that it has entered into an agreement with Heald Ltd. (“Heald”), a UK based company, to be their exclusive distributor for Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM) equipment for Oil & Gas, Refining, LNG, Nuclear, Fertilizer and Petrochemical facilities within the United States.   HMB has been in the business of protecting people and sensitive equipment since 1999 when its owners pioneered and introduced the modular blast resistant building to chemical plants and refineries.   Aside from designing and manufacturing blast resistant buildings, HMB also provides fortified guard buildings that offers perimeter protection to its occupants against blast, ballistics and forced entry.  “By being able to provide and install shallow mount road blockers and retractable bollards (including barriers and other products), it is a natural extension to what HMB is already providing,” said Gert Lessing, President/Co-CEO of HMB.   Over the last several years, chemical plants and refineries have conducted Vulnerability Site Assessments (“VSA”), mandated by Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards (“CFATS”) as part of the Department of Homeland Security. ”By being able to provide road blockers, retractable bollards, security fencing, etc. as well as fortified guard buildings, HMB is positioned to be the one stop solution for Perimeter Security,” said Mr. Lessing.   “HMB is constantly innovating and if it cannot produce best-in-class products, we want to partner with those who do,” said Mr. Lessing.  Although Heald is not a household name, their products provide protection to some of the highest profile properties in the US, as well as to hundreds of high-risk facilities throughout the world.  Heald has been designing and manufacturing HVM equipment for 32 years and has a US patent on the premier shallow mount road blocking systems on the market. Chemical plants and refineries often have piping systems running below the ground that preclude digging trenches and Heald proprietary systems helps solve this problem.   Heald has manufacturing capabilities in the US.  “With HMB’s colors being red, white, and blue we always try to “Buy American” and it is important for us to provide a “Made in America” product for our customers,” said Mr. Lessing.   Hallwood Modular Buildings, LLC is part of the Hallwood family of companies.  Hallwood is a Monaco and Dallas based family office that specializes in investing and managing companies in the United States and in the United Kingdom.   Heald designs and manufactures a range of innovative hostile vehicle mitigation products and traffic control solutions. Heald’s global client base includes military sites, presidential buildings, palaces, embassies, border controls, airports, oil refineries, stadiums, banks, shopping malls, government buildings and much more.  Heald is ISO 9001 accredited and its award-winning perimeter security products include an array of innovative bollards, blockers and barriers which play a significant role in the defense of vulnerable properties worldwide.


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