Hallwood Modular Launches New Fortified Guard Buildings


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Hallwood Modular Launches New Fortified Guard Buildings

Today’s high-risk climate requires maximum security protections

DALLAS, TX, UNITED STATES, August 1, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — In the current security climate, it is more important than ever to have a secure facility. Hallwood Modular offers Fortified Guard Buildings that provide maximum protection for security personnel and assets.

In today’s world, organized groups or lone wolves often target vulnerabilities in various industries and sectors to cause chaos and destruction. In these high-risk situations, a traditional guard shack is not enough to protect the security personnel and can be a weak point in the system. When it comes to physical security, heightened standards are required in some situations in order to protect people and property.
A physical fence or wall is almost always the baseline security solution for such facilities. However, the access points to such facilities are often the weak link in perimeter security. Traditional guard shacks do not protect security personnel, and bad guys know that penetrating the first line of defense is often half the battle. On the other hand, an intelligently designed and constructed security booth can provide a safe haven for the security officer while deterring and delaying an attacker long enough for law enforcement to arrive.

Hallwood Modular’s Fortified Guard Building is designed to provide maximum security for its occupants. The exterior is made of bullet-resistant materials, and the doors and windows are ballistic and blast-rated. The building also features an array of exterior cameras, as well as interior and exterior LED lights with battery backup. In addition, a transaction tray is located at the entrance to allow for the secure exchange of items. Inside, the guard station is equipped with everything needed to maintain an elevated level of security.

Hallwood Modular has in its DNA an overarching commitment to our mission of safety. We design, build, sell and rent buildings that save lives. Blast-resistant buildings are not just another product we offer; they are the reason we exist,” said Hallwood Modular’s President, Gert Lessing. “Since 1999, Hallwood Modular has developed one of the largest and most versatile rental fleets of blast-rated buildings on the gulf coast and has grown by listening to its customers.”

The Fortified Guard Building is the perfect solution for those who need the utmost protection. Buildings are available for purchase or lease. For more information, visit https://hallwoodmodular.com

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