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Hallwood Modular BUILDINGS

Working in high-risk environments while maintaining production goals is a challenge. For organizations, the safety of their workforce remains paramount among all other demands. That is why blast resistant modules in buildings are essential for workers operating in areas prone to hydrocarbon explosions.

Hallwood Modular is manufacture modular buildings in texas  the leading blast-resistant and explosion proof building supplier in the United States, offering a substantial range of fully flexible and modular designs, layouts, and floorplans. The structural steel envelope is engineered, tested, and proven to meet its designated ratings coupled with its proprietary safe building methods and fastening systems to provide unmatched safety to its occupants.

Blast protection modular buildings are needed for short-term, semi-permanent, or permanent applications, which makes the acquisition process somewhat tricky. Whether you want purchased shelters or rentals, rest assured, Hallwood Modular accommodates your each requirement to deliver a modular building that is highly secure and durable.

Although Hallwood Modular is known for its blast-resistant buildings, it also has extensive experience designing structures that accommodate the full “Spectrum of Safety”. Threats ranging from fire, ballistics, toxic releases, forced entry, or classified environments, our buildings are constructed meeting the most rigorous industry standards providing occupants the highest level of protection.
New Blast Resistant Building- hallwood modular


Peace of Mind that Saves you Money!

Turnaround Planners and Managers have attempted to drive efficiencies through operating workforces off-site, which are later proven to be less efficient, riskier for personnel, and caused costly delays in the project.


Let us share how we can provide safety and peace of mind while helping bring your project in under budget.