Non-Blast Storage/Offices


Storage, Tool Crib, and Office Buildings

As part of our commitment to being a One Stop Solution, Hallwood Modular has available storage containers, non-blast converted offices and other ancillary products.
Need non-blast resistant, temporary office space, or a tool room? Need to protect expensive equipment from theft?
Hallwood Modular provides converted shipping containers ready at a moment’s notice. Whether on construction, retail, commercial, or even residential, we can configure a container that meets your needs.
Converted Conex containers are convenient, affordable, and just the thing you need when you face a sudden requirement to store equipment.


Peace of Mind that Saves you Money!

Turnaround Planners and Managers have attempted to drive efficiencies through operating workforces off-site, which are later proven to be less efficient, riskier for personnel, and caused costly delays in the project.


Let us share how we can provide safety and peace of mind while helping bring your project in under budget.