Gert Lessing, President/Co-CEO

President/Co-CEO Message:

Hallwood Modular Buildings (HMB) has in its DNA an overarching mission – to protect people and sensitive equipment. It began in 1999, where HMB introduced the modular blast resistant building to the downstream industry. Since that time, the structures have evolved and by instilling a culture of safety, innovation and customer satisfaction, so has HMB.

Aside from having one of the largest and most versatile rental fleets of blast rated buildings on the gulf coast, HMB has listened to its customers and has added products and services that help solves their problems.  For instance;

  • Customers wanted larger and more flexible (stackable and multiplex) building designs for sales and rentals – HMB responded.
  • Customers asked for expanded site services including maintenance contracts, building renovations, door replacements, installation/demobilizations – HMB replied.
  • Customers conducted CFATS vulnerability assessments and were looking for turn-key suppliers who could secure the parameter of their facilities – HMB responded.

We value our customers and view the first transaction as the start of a relationship and opportunity to prove ourselves.

If there are services or products or improvements that I need to be aware of that could assist you in making your life easier or your personnel safer, please contact me.

(214) 393-0211