HMB has as part of its mission to be a resource, and a one–stop solution to all of its customers needs as it relates to Protecting People and Sensitive Equipment.    
Blast resistant doors are often the most used component on a blast resistant buildings. After sourcing blast rated doors from a variety of companies from both the US and the United Kingdom over the last two decades, one product emerged as superior.  
HMB became the exclusive distributor for Ares Doors and now uses them exclusively.  Also, HMB had clients who inquired about power generation systems, so HMB became a Generac distributor and will sell or lease power and light systems.  
If you are a customer and would like to see HMB provide other products or services that would enable HMB to be a better resource to you, let us know. ‪

Blast Resistant Doors


Hallwood Modular Buildings is now distributing new Ares 3’x7’ blast resistant doors. These doors can be sold with or without a blast resistant window.

The main advantage of our blast resistant doors over other competitors are:

  • Offers an 8 psi, 200 ms, Category 2 blast rating
  • Offers a 10 psi, 160 ms, Category 2 blast rating
  • Custom options available
  • Light weight design
  • Flange mounted
  • Reduced maintenance on the door hardware
  • Less likely to slam shut
  • Left hand and right hand swing options
  • Corrosion resistant
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Blast Load (PSI): 8 PSI, 10 PSI, Custom

Response Categories: I, II, III, IV

  • I – No visible damage.
  • II – Visible damage to the panel, but the door remains functional.
  • III – Panel is damaged & inoperable, but the door remains as a barrier.
  • IV – Door panel is deformed with openings between the door and the frame, but the door remains attached to the frame.


Swing: LHR (RH) and RHR (LH)

Door Type: Flush or Vision

Color: Standard Grey or Custom

Door Width: Standard Door width is 3 feet.

Door Height: Standard Door height is 7 feet.

Jamb Width: *Overall width of the frame section profile

Jamb Height: *Overall height of the frame section profile.

Site Equipment – Generators, Light Stations, Etc

As part of our commitment to being a One Stop Solution to our valued customers, HMB is proud to be a Direct Distributor for Generac Mobile Products.
Headquartered in Berlin, WI, Generac Mobile Products is the result of the merging of key domestic industrial equipment manufacturers to form one mobile equipment solutions provider. While we have global resources, including ‘sister’ companies in Italy and Mexico, we manufacture most of our products right in Wisconsin. Today, as a comprehensive mobile solutions provider, Generac MobileProducts offers Generac Magnum mobile light towers, diesel and gaseous generators and pumps and Generac MAC mobile heaters as a single source for mobile power, light, pump and heat needs.
Formerly known as Magnum Power Products, diesel-powered light towers were the first product offered by the company, and are still a cornerstone of our business. In fact, Generac Mobile Products is now the largest light tower manufacturer in the world. With the expertise of our parent company, Generac Power Systems, the recognized leader in natural gas power generation, we have unparalleled knowledge and solutions to offer our customers.
Be it rental yard, oil field, fairground or construction site, Generac Mobile Products is committed to supporting our customers through every phase of the process- from purchase and delivery to technical support. We listen to the needs of our customers, and our expert staff of engineers and designers develop innovative solutions to meet and exceed expectations.
With over 30 years of experience in manufacturing mobile lighting, power, water and heat solutions, we don’t rest on our past success. We continue to look forward, to provide our customers with reliable and durable equipment designed to enhance safety, productivity and efficiency with low total cost of ownership.
HMB can sell and maintain Generac Mobile Products within its service territory and can provide certain products on a rental basis.  Please contact HMB for all your Generac Mobile Products needs.
For More information on Generac Mobile Products