Standard Buildings

Over the years, Hallwood Modular Buildings has acquired several standard building layouts. The most common of these 12×40′ and 24×40′ layouts are open, two offices, and two offices with restroom.

Hallwood Modular Buildings now also offers standard guard houses that you see in the below images. These guard houses are 12’x20′ and are either 8psi or 5psi depending on the requirements. They each have four blast windows.

Single Office With Ada Restroom Module

Open Office Module

Mens Restroom Module

Single Office Module

Womens Restroom Module

Double Office Module

Double Office With Ada Restroom Module

Realizing the needs of its customers to have quick access to cost effective portable solutions for temporary applications, Hallwood Modular Buildings has also developed a fleet of these standard buildings that are available to our customers. Hallwood Modular Buildings offers competitive rates and flexible leasing packages for short or long term turnaround and maintenance projects. With hundreds of buildings in that fleet today, Hallwood Modular Buildings can respond quickly to customers’ needs for cost effective protective building systems.

These buildings are not only blast resistant, but are also engineered to provide the necessary protection against projectiles and flying debris, an obvious threat in the event of an explosion. These unparalleled levels of safety along with full Mechanical Integrity documentation are why customers who consider these products as critical safety equipment and lines of defense chose Hallwood Modular Buildings over our competition.